Monday, September 12, 2011

Birthday, Beer and a Peckham Event

Wow it has been a good minute since I wrote a blog. Lets see here......I had a birthday. Jason organized a dinner at BJ's Brewery for that. Had most of the people I wanted there. (Br was absent due to her move to Fla) I split food with a friend while Jason and another guy ordered two party sized Pizookie's. They are SOOOO good.
The next week some other friends arranged for me to have my very first solo pinata. It was hello Kitty since they know of my dislike and fear of cats, what is better to beat the stuffing out of?!?!
I sent Gertrude to the junk man. =( The state of Cali wouldn't let me register her because She wouldn't pass smog with out some serious engine work that I just couldn't afford. So I took her down to Chula Vista (Aka Chulajana since it is spitting distance from Mexico) and handed her over to the junk man. Only got $475 but that's a decent start to a savings fund for my next one. After that we went geocaching in the Tijuana River Basin. There is a cache there called "Non more southwesterly" it was a 3 mile hike round trip. I survived it though. Found out that we have a monument at that spot right where the US meets Mexico and the Pacific. Funny thing is though that there is a GIANT fence around the "Friendship Circle" It is technically on half US/half Mexico land. Our side is totally locked up. Mexico's side is wide open. Silly US.

I have gone off my tramadol, it started making me sick and SUPER cranky. Just dealing with over the counters for now. Hopefully I can get insurance again soon and try a new painkiller.

The bar we go to had another Beer Pairing dinner on the 6th. I was sooooo not impressed. First they upped the price from $50 a person to $75. I wouldn't have bought the tickets but I had already promised my friend I would take her for her b-day. Only about 30 tickets were sold to the entire event. We got an extra one the day of for her BF. So they were hoping to sell more but didn't. I think the price was a huge factor in that. The food was spaced sooooo far apart that I ordered an appetizer off the regular menu to tide us over between course #3 and #4. After ward the head chef came out and was non-to happy with us making that order. But not only was the food forever apart it all came out cold. UGH. The beer was nothing special either. Then again I am not a beer drinker but really out of 5 beers I didn't take more then 3 sips of any of them. Bleah. The company was awesome though.

The very next day I left for Rhode Island since my sister was getting married. I got in on wednesday, the wedding was on friday and I got back to Cali on sunday at about 1030 am. It was a quick trip. I didn't get to eat all the food I wanted but I got some: Allies doughnuts, Kingston Pizza (Couch Potato is my FAVE!), Earnie T's and Dunkin'.
Thursday night the "Ladies" went out for snacks and drinks before the big day. Not really a bachelorette party but pretty close. First stop was Earnie T's. The attendees were Myself, my mother, my aunt (father's sister), my sister (Bride), my sister-in-law (Golden's wife), Maid-of-Honor, and Sandy. We have a cute waiter who is noticeably BUFF, and the ladies flirt and tease (with in reason nothing to crude) as they pound back Slippery Nipple shots and Gin and Tonics. Sister's drink of choice is Vodka and Club, but the bar kept giving her vodka and tonic. I finally said something and told him he had to do a "jig" to make up for it. Well he didn't know what a jig was so he offered to crack sisters back as an apology. She LOVED it.

Then he offered to give anyone a piggy back ride to the car. I was nominated for the piggy back ride because Sister In Law refused. That is when the "Loaded Ladies" decided that Waiter should be my date to the wedding. Once we were all outside mom and Bride pull him aside and ask him to come to the wedding the next day and give him MY phone number. The next morning I came down stairs and showed Mom that he had texted me and was going to show up, also he requested the beef plate for dinner. =D I think she was in a state of mild astonishment the rest of the day.
He arrived a little late because of my bad directions. Meh he only missed my reading of Dr. Seuss' Oh the Places You Will Go. Came right in and sat in the 2nd row with me and the family. (Yes, I chose the 2nd row because I knew he was going to be late.) He ended up being an amazing date. Sandy from the night before had the best reaction when seeing him there. First her face was confused/recognition then she saw me standing with him and she BUSTED out laughing. No one thought he would show. He made conversation with both my father and my grandmother. Danced with my mom. Took pictures for the family and bought my cousins drinks.

Sister and all the Cousins, with Golden's Nuggets.

Mom getting her groove on!

This was a total surprise.

Saturday night we (the family) were supposed to go to Howl at the Moon in Boston, but they all were pooped. Maid of Honor and I were still stoked to go but even with both of us whining the old fogies still got to stay on the farm. We had a campfire and some smores. My friend T and her Hubby came down. She is try out being gluten free so she got gluten-free smores....just marshmallow on a reeses cup. Everyone had a good chill night.

Guess that is all the news for now. I will try to get back in to the blogging swing. I feel bad for making Br handle B & B all by herself for so long now.

Until next time....


  1. Shooosh! Im so happy your having fun :-)

    <3 you

  2. That wedding weekend sounded like it was a ridiculous amount of fun!

  3. Howdy Rebecca. It's been a while. Glad you're having fun. You hate cats, huh? Me too. Mean, evil things they are. I never met one yet that didn't look at me like it was wishing I was just six inches tall.