Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I have a groupon addiction

So earlier this week I decided I was going to buy myself a new necklace as a birthday gift to myself (8/26 for those of you who want to know) I have been perusing looking for one I want at the right price. Then I saw this Groupon type on The Freebie Junkie.

Click here to check out what they have offered in your  I got the $60 Worth of Designer & Celebrity Inspired Jewelry  for $17 deal. Woot new necklace here I come, and maybe some sweet jewels for sisters wedding too. =)


  1. See, I'm one of those people that Groupon hates: I like the idea of Groupon, I get the emails every day, but I'VE NEVER BOUGHT ONE. Someone needs to push me over the Groupon edge already.

  2. My boyfriend's family are all groupon fiends. Every time someone talks about a store or restaurant someone is bound to say "I have a groupon for there!"

  3. So, I add you to the list of Awesome People with the Most Awesome Birthday. It includes: Me, You, my coworker Wood Winded, and my Yoga Instructor. Happy belated birthday! (I would have popped in on the day in question...but I've been so busy I haven't been much of a blogger.)

    I've never looked at Groupon...I don't see the point in paying for discounts. It feels like it's not really SAVING anything...