Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yep I am still here


Yes I am still here. As usual I have had quite a bit going on. When you last heard from me I was fairly recently single and taking a vacation from my good sense. Well that isn't really true I didn't do anything super crazy. (It's going to be a long one)

 Lets see here:

I moved, obviously. Living with the ex was not an option. So I moved in with a friend and things have been going pretty well. We have a total of 4 dogs and that makes life a little hectic sometimes. But over all things are good.

Lets start with Skinny. Skinny is a friend I met while working at JCP. (I was there for about 2months for extra cash) He decided he wanted to move to Washington to be closer to family. He was planning on driving up alone mid-December. One day he 1/2 jokingly asked me if I would like to go along for the ride, because I am one of the few people he knows who can drive stick. Well since I was in my vacation from good sense mode I said "Meh maybe I will let you know when it gets closer."  A few days later Doc decided he wanted to cut the office hours from 33 to less then 20 =( So I started looking for a job. I found one pretty quickly but they didn't want me to start full time right away, just on my days off from Doc. I would be permanently replacing the owners daughter when she left on maternity leave mid-February. Periodically Skinny's move would be brought up and planning was in full swing. One day a patient came in to Doc's office and told me that she was a retired airline employee and because of that she got vouchers for flights. However she wasn't able to use all of them this year because of family issues, would I like some.... Of course I said yes and then immediately called Skinny and told him I could go with. I put in my 2weeks notice at the Docs and left. =)

The trip to Spokane was amazing!! We left on a Monday night about 9PM and he drove straight through till about 7am Tuesday morning. That night the fog was pea soup thick! It was so bad i had to go to sleep before it gave me a panic attack.

We stopped in a little town called Weed,CA for breakfast and Skinny let me get a geocache. =) My goal was to get a geocache in the two states we were going to pass through that I haven't visited before, which he was very accommodating with. Then it was my turn to drive. He HATES driving though Oregon which is why I was given this stretch. I thought it was beautiful. HUGE trees and people who know how to drive in the right hand lane. It was glorious. Skinny slept most of the way.  Near the boarder of Oregon and Washington is a little town named Umatilla. Umatilla, FL is where I happen to be from so I HAD to stop there. This is where I grabbed the geocache for Oregon. It was a neat little historical cemetery right on the bank of the Umatilla River. Pretty cool if you ask me. I am fairly sure I am the only person I know who has been to both Umatilla's.
Once we got in to Washington time flew by. We arrived at the familys place in no time. Grabbed dinner and we were both passed out asleep by I would say 8pm. Next morning we went exploring a little. They are about an hour outside Spokane in a little tiny town. It was super cute, very goonie-esq. We walked from the house to the center of town, grabbing 2 geocaches along the way and stopping in at the dual quilting shop/ liquor store.

I actually got to go to Spokane 2x, once to check out where Skinny will be working and the 2nd time I was trying to fly back to SD. The day we were there to check out his new store we went on to a town called Pullman to visit his brother who was still taking finals at University. Since Pullman is about 10mins from Idaho Skinny offered to swing me by a geocache there too. (Such a nice guy)
A few days after that it was time for me to head home....Because of the type of ticket I was given I had to fly standby. Hey free is free. We arrived at the Spokane airport at about 6am I checked in and went through Security, and checked in again at the gate. The lady at the gate was SUPER nice and told me there was no chance I would fly out of Spokane today and my best bet was to get to Seattle somehow and fly out of there. =( Skinny being such an amazing guy drove me the 4hours in the snow to Seattle. By the end of the day I had 5 (didn't retake the picture) check in vouchers.  I finally got on the last flight out of Seattle and in to SD about midnight. I had a great time and Skinny told me that the day after I left they got 3inches of snow and have had snow almost every day since. He may not realize it but I will be back for a visit.....someday. 


I will let you go for now, but next time I hope it is not 3 months from now when I finally get around to writing about my awesome Christmas.

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  1. Sheeeeyit, I wish I could fall into some free flight tickets! That would be awesome :-)

    That's funny there's another Umatilla...such an odd name you wouldn't think there'd be two of :-P

    Now I get why you moved again...forgot about the whole not being with the same guy still part :-P

    And four doggies? YAY!