Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This is Christmas?!?!

Wow I had an amazing holiday!! Yes I got cool shit but it was more then that. (Prepare for sappyness)  Thursday night Jarrod and I put up the tree and decorated it. Not one generic ornament went on the tree. Everything single one was personal, from birth to 23yrs, he had every ornament that him or his sister was given or made. It was adorable. I was super happy that none broke Christmas morning when the tree fell. (haha) Gifts made me wonder if people think I need PJ's and such. Adam and Wendy both got me PJ's. Adam sent me a pajama-gram (See previous blog) and Wendy got my Betsy Johnson zebra striped pj's with an awesome Hollywood robe.(She also got me a snuggie, retribution will be dished out later for that) I feel like a starlet in it.
Jarrod also got me a robe and comfy pj-like pants. He also got me a new "ren" belt with mug strap and a wooden mug to go on it.

And Cuponk!! Fun game like beerpong with tricks and no beer (but that can be adjusted) We played with Keith, Wendy and Jamie.
Happy added a bead to my Pandora bracelet, Jack and Barb had a green and black pashmina for me =) My family knows me so well. We had a good time down at Grams. Barb gave Jarrod a tin of homemade cookies and he has been guarding them with his LIFE!! I love my family and they way MOST of them accept me and support me.

Keith (he is such a sweetie) had his mother hunt down a pair of Ugg moccasins for me <3 I love them sooo much. Now I have my Emu's as slippers and Uggs for cute warm going out moccasins.
After Barbs we went to Pete and Dee Dee's for that sides activities.
Meme gave me a gift card to Khols and a sparkly B ornament. I seriously cried. I have never had a personalized ornament before. I can't wait to put it on every tree from now till I die! Such a sap! Everyone got lotto tickets there, I won $5 woot woot! That will come in handy after all this shopping.

Sorry this was so long winded but I have been afk for a few days.Last pic, Keith got us these hats and we deff ROCKED them alll day =) Hopefully New Years is just as enjoyable.

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  1. awwwwww. i guess that's one of the things in life I had been taking for granted. My mother buys every child in the family a personal ornament EVERY Christmas. She included Adam, Chris, AND Rob once they came into my life, also. Me and each one of my cousins still get one every year.
    Mom finally packed all mine up and gave them to me the other day. It's weird knowing my Christmases aren't as intertwined with theirs anymore. But someday I'll have a family of my own, and want all those ornaments to be a part of the tradition.
    And to follow my Dad's little tradition, I will play Mannheim Steamroller Christmas CD's while me and my children put up the tree every year and decorate it. And bicker about ornaments and the specific tilt of the garland on the tree, that was Dad's job. One hugely awesome thing about being an only child. All the family memories are mine and mine alone :-D Lol.