Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gifts that hit the spot

Im kinda new to this whole Christmas thing still. Got my first REAL tree last night. No it isn’t decorated yet, that will be later today. All my shopping has been done for days now. So I was super surprised when the UPS guy honked this am. I totally got a Pajama-gram. SO SUPED! You always hear the commercials on the radio, never thought I would get one. =) I feel giddy like a little girl. I know its stupid but it is what it is.
BEST PART!! Ready……They are pink and purple! Yea anyone who knows me knows those are NOT my colors but it makes it even more special because they came from Adam my colorblind brother. Usually he would ask someone for help but since they are pink and purple I know he did it all by himself. *more warm fuzzies*
Aren’t big brothers the best?!?!?!
Thank you Adam you just made my week.

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