Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wedding Season

Last month started the annual wedding season. Since I am starting to reach that age where everyone thinks that I should be married it is a stressful time this year. Since Christmas I have congratulated at least 10 couples I know on their engagement. I am honestly happy for them. If you and your significant other have decided that it is time to make that step good for you. I wish you the best and all the happyness in the world, plus a house full of little feet if you so wish.

Now when it comes to me and my life it is exactly that MY LIFE. I understand that people think it is a common and happy topic to ask about "Oh you are almost 28? You have been with the same guy for almost 2yrs? Why don't you have a ring?" *Disapproving look at my left hand*  "Well Ms. Nosey Ass Bitch, BF and I are happy with the way things are and aren't ready to make that change just yet." Now times this conversation by 2 each day and add varying degrees of poking and prodding and pressure as to why I should (Me not bf) change my mind on the matter and you get what I go though on almost a daily basis. DID I INVITE YOU IN TO MY RELATIONSHIP? No I was not aware that I did. Did I whine or complain to you about my lack of marital status? No I haven't done that either.

Another thing that bothers me about the subject is it is always portrayed as MY fault like I'm the one who solely has give some secret signal that he isn't good enough and that is why I am unwed. Please refer to my previous statement with Ms. NAB. BF and I are happy with the way things are and aren't ready to make that change just yet. That means it is a joint choice. Yes we have talked about it and NO, WE as a team are not ready. It has nothing to do with my prior marital status. That relationship has nothing to do with this one.

ARG thanks for reading my rant today I hope no one takes it personally it isn't about one instance. I will leave you with this little video which sums everything up (kinda)


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  1. Getting married is awesome, but only if you WANT to. Obviously.
    That's where not having many friends comes in handy...less people to say shit to you...cause if they I would not be nice :-P People in public don't would never say shit like that to me...and if they did I'd say nasty things back...And any friends of mine, if they said shit like that to me, they either weren't really friends, or some shit's about to srsly go down LOLZ.
    Peer Pressure has never been a prob for me, I don't take no shit ROFL.
    Just keep giving em the evil glare. They'll get the hint eventually :-P