Monday, May 28, 2012

Big goings on!

I know, I know, I have fallen behind again. Things have changed in my life recently. BF sat me down and had a serious talk about the impact my shitty job was having on our relationship. It wasn't a fun discussion. I have known for a while that he wasn't happy with the me that work had created. During our chat BF made it very clear he was ok with shouldering the financial burden while I looked for another job if I left this one.
 Imagine sitting at a desk in a windowless room all day and getting berated and yelled at by customers and co-workers. On a daily basis I had to lie for my coworkers to lots of people. All this for a measly $10 and no holidays or anything, yea they offered benny's but it was at a ridiculous price (over $100 a month for just me and only basic medical) So I started seriously looking for a job. Then boss man placed an add, I had to do all the interviews, because I was the only natural english speaker. We got one guy to actually agree to do my shitty job, but they didn't like him after two days. This is where the final straw fell. They made me, the lowest paid and lowest ranked person, fire him. I had, had enough! After closing that night I went to boss man and told him that he has been promising me a raise and a new position since Sept 2011. I know that we need to hire a replacement but I need a finite date when I can expect to see my raise and expect to at least start training for my promised position. I had off the next day and asked him to call me with this information. I didn't get a call from him, I did get a call letting me know that they changed the locks on me.

That was a friday. Monday I had an interview at another office. Tuesday I got a call asking me to start at this new job in 2 weeks. Mostly because I needed to get access stuff and Memorial Day fell in there too. So I start my official new job tomorrow. Hooray! Between quitting and starting new job I have been doing temp work and that has helped with the bills. Its kinda cool to work a few days then have days off and never be doing the same job or even at the same company. I will be happy to have steady income again though.
I have to admit I'm a little scared. Starting a new job is like starting a new school. The whole social dynamic is new and unknown. Plus I have to be at work at 7am =( I'm not a big fan of mornings but that means I get home early and can still attend yoga and make dinner for everyone.

Pup is doing good. His cone of shame came off and everyone was SUPER happy about that.
REI had a super awesome sale the past 2 weeks too. I got an awesome new hiking pack and a camelbak style water system for it. I was going to go geocaching since it was a long weekend but my body decided that 28 days had passed and I wouldn't be doing anything this weekend.
Mom is talking about making a trip out here. I miss her, and she wants to meet BF and his colorful family.
Another one of our friends got engaged. HOORAY! Also found out that the ex is now engaged also. Seems like everyone is in such a rush. SIGH!

Guess that is all for now...

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  1. I've been thinking about you - glad you brought everybody up-to-date. :)
    Congrats on the new job. What are you doing? Benefits? I worked a job once where my office was a former storage closet. I swore after that I'd NEVER work again where there were no windows!!!

    Didn't I see where your Ma is coming to see you? I know you must miss her - I miss her too! Don't get to see her enough. Tell your BF he's in for a treat - she's one neat lady.

    Ever coming to visit LC? My Angie (and her family) are moving to Miami, FL. She'll only be 4 hours away. Ask me if that makes me happy??? Florida International University does not have a Medical Physics School/Brain Mapping Program, so they've hired her to develop one. She'll be "the Boss"! They gave her husband a job too - he'll develop curriculum for the school and do all the student recruiting, interviewing, etc. I'm so excited!!

    Jake has one more year of school. He's got a 3.8 GPA in Computer Science.

    So glad your happy and settled! Barbara